The most advanced Accessible Pedestrian Signal

Understanding aBeacon in 51 seconds

The video is a live demonstration in New York City. It shows how the system is triggered by a remote control (also possible with a smartphone app) and how the information is broadcasted on demand.

The system remains silent afterwards.

Okeenea has installed more than 250 000 of remote controlled APS in the world and aBeacon is the latest evolution in the field.


We have designed the best solution for both the visually impaired and the cities.


Easy to trigger

Pushbuttons are difficult to trigger for a visually impaired person. With aBeacon, users can automatically trigger it with a remote control or a free smartphone app. No need to find it.

Navigation aid

aBeacon creates a sound corridor to guide visually impaired pedestrians throughout the crossing. It also adds additional information such as the street name, the direction or any useful information like the presence of a cycle lane for instance.


Limited noise pollution

Permanent systems or locator tones are often criticized by people living close to these systems. They add unnecessary pollution to the environment and create a risk of vandalism. With aBeacon, the sound is only broadcasted when needed and stopped right after.


aBeacon reduces the risks of accident for the visually impaired. The messages are loud and clear and all equipped crossings are notified by the app. With aBeacon, users feel safer and more confident.


Free setup and maintenance app is offered with any aBeacon. From volume adjustments to complete reboot, any maintenance operation is easy. We also offer a free API should you prefer to integrate aBeacon maintenance into your own system.

No need to look for a pushbutton

Trigger aBeacon with your smartphone

iOS, Android

Whether your prefer use our MyMoveo app, develop your own or use Blindsquare to trigger the aBeacons, anything is possible.

Our app is free to download on Google Play and the App Store (iOS).

We can also provide you with a SDK should you prefer to create your own app.

To come : Blindsquare compatibility

What did they say about aBeacon ?

aBeacon on a Traffic light çin NYC

New York City


The use of aBeacons enhanced the confidence and understanding of the characteristics of the crosswalk. The remote control was easy to use. The added information that the aBeacon gives, particularly for unfamiliar intersections, is important.

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